How to Revive Your Phone After Dropping in Water

No matter how careful you are; dropping your phone in water is an occurrence almost everyone of us finds very hard to prevent. And in a situation when this event occurs, most people tend to panic because of the effect this unfortunate incident can cause to their phone.

But I have found out that being panic in any bad situation would never solve the problem; and dropping your phone in a sink, gutter or pool is no exception.
So instead of pressing the panic button, just follow the simple tricks I will discuss in this post.

Things To Do After Dropping The Phone in Water

The first thing you must do immediately after this occurrence is to bring out the phone as fast as possible. The longer the phone stays in water, the lesser the chance to revive it.

Use a soft towel or cloth to clean up and dry the phone

Turn off the phone if it is still on and remove back cover so as to have access to slots holding SIM card, Memory Card and Battery
Shake the phone vigorously in order to expel as much water as possible.
After shaking, leave the phone in open air for drying.
Get Dry rice or instant rice and wholly cover the phone with it. Leave for 24-48 hours.

Things to do after 24-48hours
Put battery back in your phone and power on the phone. If the phone comes up and work properly, then stop reading from here but you must observe the phone for some days in order to take notice of any backlash.

If not, continue reading.
When phone doesn’t come up at all or comes up with defected screen or touch pad, follow the steps below:

Put Phone in open air or sun light with low intensity.
Without battery inside the phone, plug phone to power source, press power button and see if it comes up. If it comes up, it means your battery is damage, so replace it. N.B = Please be sure phone is dry before plugging to power because if not, water droplet in phone may conduct electricity and burn out phone panel.

If phone doesn’t come up at this level, the best thing to do is to contact a professional technician for a proper repair and please do not dissemble a phone if you do not know have the technical know-how. You can use the comment box below to tell us how you revive your own phone if this incident has ever occur to you.

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