See How to Hibernate on Windows 10

Setting how to hibernate on Windows 10 is slightly different unlike other previous OS by Microsoft. It is easy to set how and when a computer hibernates on other previous OS by Microsoft but it is hard to set how to hibernate on Windows 10.

Hibernating a computer saves you the difficulty of opening or starting a program you were running on your computer when you shut down. So, it is wise at times to hibernate instead of shutting down. The way to hibernate on windows 1o has been changed as well as many other things on the new OS.

See How to Hibernate on Windows 10

To fix this issue navigate to the bottom-right side on your screen, hover your mouse on the battery icon and right-click on it, click on “Power Options”.

Go to your current Power Option and click on change plan settings

Navigate to Sleep, then Hibernate after. Set your preferred Hibernation time.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully found a way to hibernate your computer.

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