How To Turn Your Laptop To A Wireless Hotspot

There are times we would have the need to turn our laptop PC into a wireless hotspot so as to share with our other devices. Normally some will buy a wireless router but there are many softwares to do this online. The two of the best are Connectify Hotspot and mHotspot, for this tutorial we would be writing on how to make a wireless hotspot using mHotspot.

mHotspot is a light-weight software that is simple and easy to use and the process of setting up with this software is not hard. Of course your computer must have wireless properties for you to do this. First thing, let’s download this software on our computer. Click here to download on your computer and install like every other normal software. Turn on your computer’s Wi-Fi before connecting to the internet from your service provider or any source you use to connect before.

Hover your mouse on top of the Wi-Fi signal, right-click on it and open Network and Sharing Center. Here you will see the network you are connected to, click on it to bring out the connections status. Click on properties, from there navigate to sharing, tick the first checkbox and select your type of connection.

Now launch your newly downloaded mHotspot. Fill all the boxes with your desired inputs (It’s self-explanatory) and click on Start Hotspot.

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