How to Track & Find Your Lost Android Phone Using Android Lost

So you really want to track & find your lost Android phone? Well it is possible! Android Lost can do that. Android Lost is a location-tracking application that helps in locating a lost or stolen Android phone; however you must have already planned ahead for the rainy day. You must have already installed the application and activated some necessary settings that will help to find your lost Android phone.

In this post I will take you through how to install the application and do the necessary settings. Needless to say, you can’t track or find your lost Android phone if the finder formatted or reset the phone to default. But with Android Lost you can still track & find your lost your Android phone, even if the SIM and the email in the phone were changed.

To start with, see the introductory video of how Android Lost works below:

Now let’s get down to business and set up Android Lost and find a lost Android phone.

Track & Find Android Phone With Android Lost
As already stated, to track & find your lost Android phone, you must first install the application Android Lost. Then you will need to grant the application an access to your Device Administrators. After this, the tracking and finding of your phone can be done on Android lost website. The steps are as follow:

Installing & Granting Administrator Rights to Android Lost
Enter Play Store, search for Android Lost and install; better still download here and install.
After installation, launch the application and tap on Request Administrator rights: a page called Personal Notes, with some written instructions, will show.

On the Personal Notes page, tap on ACTIVATE: this activates and grants administrator rights to Android lost.

Tracking & Finding The Lost Android Phone on Android Lost Website

The Android Lost website is used to track & find a lost or stolen phone. The website has lots of features, but I will only be discussing the vital ones to finding a lost Android phone.

Log on to Android Lost Website.
Locate and click on Sign in towards the top-right corner of the website.

You will be needing your Gmail or Google account for the sign in. Make sure the account you are using to sign in on the website is the same as the one used in accessing your Android phone.

Click Allow.

After signing in, your email will be displayed at the Sign in area on Android Lost website, with the option now changed to Logout.

The first thing you should do after logging into Android Lost website is to go and set up what is called SMS Notification Number. This is important in that if your phone was stolen and your SIM card was changed, Android Lost can ping the new SIM card and make it send an SMS to the notification number. And through that you can still send some commands to your phone.

Setting up SMS Notification Number on Android Lost

On the Sign in area that has now changed to your email and log out, click on the phone icon with a gear beside it: it will display Settings.

On the Settings, scroll to section called SMS notification number, and input the phone number you want as your notification number: you country code must start the number. Number of a friend or a family member should be suitable.
After inputting the number click on SET NUMBER.

Now that your SMS Notificationn Number is set, let go through Android Lost features that would help you recover your lost Android phone.

Tracking Lost Android Phone on Android Lost Website

All the features to tracking and finding a lost Android Phone on Android Lost website is put under the Controls tab. I will only be discussing the vital ones — you can explore the rest on your own.

Find the Location of Your Android Phone
To find the location of your phone, click on the Controls tab, then on Basic, and scroll down to Location. Tap on SEND LOCATION and within seconds the location of your phone will be starring at you.

If your are sure that your phone is within an area but just that you don’t know the exact location or perhaps it is in loud or dark environment that makes it difficult for you to locate the phone, you can sound an alarm. This alarm will sound even if your phone is in silent.

The alarm is also on the same tab as the SEND LOCATION, it is the first feature under the Basic tab. Just click ALARM and see you phone start flashing white light and sounding an alarm that will help you find its location.

Other things that you can do with Android Lost include backing up the data of your lost phone, locking the phone, erasing the data on both the internal memory and SD card, and even taking a selfie of the finder of the phone. You really need to explore Android Lost to see for yourself.

With this location tracking feature of Android Lost that I discuss here you should be able to track and find your lost Android phone.

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