UBA Africard Activation & Charges – How to Get UBA Africard

This article will show you how to get UBA Africard – UBA Africard activation and charges. Just in case you do not know what the Africard is yet – UBA Africard is a visa enabled card which that is not linked to an account; this means you do not even need to have a bank account with UBA to get this card. The card works with most online stores at the stand naira – dollar exchange rate. In other words, it’s like an e-wallet which you must fund before using.

Requirements to getting UBA Africard
A recent coloured passport photograph
A form of ID (Passport, Driver’s licence or National ID card)
A utility bill for the past 3 months (PHCN or Water bill) – New customers only
A minimum of N2000

How to Get UBA Africard (Prepaid Card) – UBA Africard Activation

If you’ve gathered all the requirements above walk into any UBA branch closest to you. Go to the customer section and request for a UBA Africard, a form will be given to you to fill. After filling the form, submit back and your card will be ready within an hour. You are required to fund the card with at least N2000 with a 10 digit code which can be seen at the back of the card.

After paying the 2k, you will be issued an envelope with containing your card and activation pin(s). One of the PINs will be used to access your account on the internet via while the other will be used for withdrawals via ATMs and POS/Web purchases.

Benefits and Features of UBA Africard
24/7 access to cash and online payment
Card to card fund transfer

Access to foreign currency anywhere in the world (USD, Euro, GBP, etc)
Self PIN Generation
Secure payment via the internet with Verified By Visa
PIN protection with chip technology for enhanced security
Value of card remains intact in case of theft or lost
UBA Africard Charges
Domestic non-UBA ATM Transactions ZMW5.00
International ATM Transactions ZMW2.8%
International POS Transactions (including online payments) 2.8%/txn
Card (Re)issuance fee (instant) ZMW40.00
Card (Re)issuance fee (personalized) ZMW50.00
Africard is now UBA Prepaid card. Read bout it here.

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