How To Stop Deleted Files from Entering Recycle Bin

If you normally delete files on your computer you will know it goes straight into the Recycle Bin on your desktop. This may be good or bad, good in the sense that if you mistakenly delete a file and you want to get it back you could simply go into your Recycle Bin and restore it back to the place it was deleted. The bad part about deleting unwanted files and they going into your Recycle Bin is that they take up spaces. I’ve seen people complaining about not having more disk space in their computer left whilst the Recycle Bin houses junk files of 10GB, that’s really funny. Not everyone remembers the files they delete goes into the Recycle Bin.

What if you just want to delete these files permanently and not worrying about them going into the Bin again? It’s very simple, you just have to make use of the right command on your keyboard.

To Delete and Stop Files from Entering Recycle Bin

When you want to delete a file from your computer and you do not want it to go into the Bin, click on the file once, press the SHIFT key + DELETE key on your keyboard and it would delete permanently without going into the Bin.

Alternatively, you can just right-click on the file while holding down the SHIFT key, locate delete from the drop-down menu and the file will be deleted completely.

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