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Hauwa Abubakar Ayawa (born 1994) popularly known as Hauwa Ayawa or simply Azeema is a Nigerian-born Kannywood actress and model of Hausa origin. Best known as Azeema in the popular comedy-drama movie “Gidan Badamasi”. The beautiful actress is fond of acting in funny comedy-drama films.

Early Life and Career

Hauwa Ayawa was born in Kaduna North, Kaduna State, Nigeria in 1994. The actress did her Primary education in Kaduna State. She then proceeded to Government Girls Unity Secondary School (GGUSS) in Kwatar Kwashi which she graduated in the year 2012.
Hauwa Ayawa started her acting career in 2017. The film that brought the actress to stardom was the Arewa 24 series film “Gidan Badamasi”. She has also acted in the film Duniya Labari which is a must-watch.

Apart from the Gidan Badamasi series, Hauwa Ayawa Azeema has also featured in many blockbuster films. Among which is the recent film directed by Umar. S. Nuhu. The film is titled “Gidan Alhajin Kauye” and Duniya Labari.

In the Gidan Badamasi comedy-drama, Hauwa is featured as the last born of the family of the Badamasi family, the wealthy miser father. Mallam Badamasi is what you can best describe as the Casanova who loves marrying and divorcing women.

Mallam Badamasi fathered many known and undiscovered children due to his wayward lifestyle. Azeema is the beloved daughter of her miser father and also the supposed last born of the family. The film was directed by Falalu .A.Dorayi who also features in the film as the gateman.

The actress enjoys the love of her father and also that of her siblings in the drama. The only problem with her father was his inability to give out money to his family even though he was wealthy.

The drama has stood the taste of time. And it’s loved by millions of people around the world. It is now in its second season.

As of 2021, Hauwa Ayawa is featuring in Youtube Hausa series WUFF!!!.


AS of 2022, Hauwa Ayawa is currently single and not yet married.

Net Worth

Hauwa Ayawa’s net worth as of 2021 is estimated at around $70, 000 (net worth estimated in 2022).

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