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Alhaji Umar Namadi or Dan Modi is the deputy governor of Jigawa State and the candidate for the governorship of Jigawa State in the APC party in the 2023 election.


And Alhaji Umar Namadi, who is known by some as son of modi or na modi, was born in Jigawa state in the pre-Hausa local government in the pre-Hausa town in the year 1963 on the seventh of April.

That is 7 April 1963


Then Umar Namadi started his studies from the primary school level
Then Umar Namadi did his studies from primary school level to the level before primary school that is secondary school all in the town before Hausa.

Then after completing his primary and secondary education, Umar Namadi went to the university

  • (BUK) Bayero University Kano located in Kano state where he did his first degree in the department
    Accountancy which he completed in 1987.
    After completing his undergraduate studies, he returned to the University of Kano, that is
  • (BUK) Bayero University Kano where he obtained his master’s degree in business administration (MBA).
    It was completed in 1993.


Then Umar Namadi or modi’s son clearly declared himself in the state politics in 2019.
When the governor of the state, Badaru Abubakar, appointed him as the deputy governor of the state, that is one of the things that made him more well-known throughout the state,

and his candidacy for the governorship of the state in the 2023 election also gave him the opportunity to be well-known because of the way he did it. the victory of his friends in the by-election as he got a lot of votes about 1220.
While his followers

  • Alhaji Sabo Nakudu, who is also a senator representing the South West in the Senate of the Federation of Nigeria, got 106.
    Then also his successor that is
  • Ibrahim Hassan, the senator representing the North-East in the Senate of the Federation of Nigeria, got 58 votes.
    Then also his successor that is
  • Aminu kani who was a businessman got 16 votes
    Then the one who is behind in the number of votes that is
  • Faruq Aliyu also got 13 votes.
    Saikima’s successor that is
  • Sani Garin East, who was the president of the Supreme Court of the state, also got 5 votes.
    Many other things that have not been found.
    This victory gave Umar Namadi the opportunity to be a candidate for the governorship of the state in the upcoming 2023 election, as he added his best friend from the PDP party and the son of the former governor of the state, Mustapha Sule Lamido, who was the son of Sule Lamido.
    And so on.


  • former finance commissioner. (commissioner of finance)
  • then former Chairman of Nigerian Association of Small Scale Industries (NASI).
    Then Umar namadi or na modi worked in many ministries like them
  • Worked in Dangote company in the payroll department.
  • then he worked in Dangote company in the public relations department.
  • and it was also owned by Namadi Umar & Co Chartered Accountant.
  • then held the position of president of Community Bank
  • He also held the position of Deputy Governor of Jigawa State from 2019 to 2023.
  • and he is the candidate for the governorship of Jigawa state under the ruling APC party in the upcoming 2023 election.


Then Umar Namadi or Modi’s son used to have wives, but the investigation did not find out how many of them, but he was very worried to see that we were in contact with them.

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