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THEIR BIRTHPLACE Yakasai Quarters, Kano State
NET WORTH: $400,000

Abubakar Baballe Hayatu is a famous Kannywood actor. Abubakar Hayatu (Baballe) was born in Giginyu area in Kano city, and attended Giginyu Elementary School, Kawaji High School and College of Art and Makeup (CARS). He graduated from Bayero University in Kano, where he majored in political science and served in the military in Anambra state. Although Baballe Hayatu started his career as a designer, he later became a major actor in Kannywood with movies such as Abin Sirrine and Aya. It took some time, but recently he made a comeback with films like Surkulle and Koren Gaye. A popular actor who plays many roles, he is also known for his talent as a dancer.


Abubakar Baballe Hayatu started his career in 1996, starring in the movie; Mysteriously, this is what paved the way for Baballe and created a burning desire to work. He appeared in more than 70 films and directed more than 30 films.

Some of the things that will not be forgotten are;

Some of the memorable ones are; Abin Sirri ne (his first role), Furuci (actor), Mashi (actor), Mujadala (actor and screenwriter), Gyale (actor and producer), Biki Budiri (actor and producer), Liyyah (actor), Shahada (actor) , Sarke (actor and producer), Kumbo (actor and producer), Takunkumi (actor and producer), Bakar Ashana (actor), Iyaka (actor), Tazara (actor), Tawakkali (actor) Tiriri (actor and a screenwriter), Kasko (actor and producer), Lura (actor), Larura (actor), Ciwon Ido (actor and producer), Taqidi (actor), Annuri (actor and producer) Hantsi (actor, producer and director), Guzuri (actor and producer) ), Shinkafa da Miya (actor and producer), Gambiza (actor), Qaya (actor and assistant director), Fedaya (actor), Hannun Jari (actor), Sauyin Yanayi (actor), Izini na (actor and producer), Kunya (actor), Sutura (actor), Tubali (actor), Ayaah (actor), Jarida (actor), Tutar So (actor), Kyalle (actor), Yadilan 1 and 2 (actor), Komai Dorin 1 (actor)) , Parents (actor), Biyayya (actor), Harif So (actor), Khus hui (actor and producer), Bariki (actor), Sakalia (actor), Sama (actor), Masak in Kauna (actor), Raga 3 (actor) ), Khusufi (actor), Yar ‘Gagara (actor), Qasadi ( actor), Lada (actor), Jarumai (actor), Nagari (actor) and Mizani (actor).

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