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Emem Isong Biography

Emem Isong was born on the 5th of September and she hails from Ikono Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. She is the first of her three siblings. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Arts from the University of Calabar. Also, she obtained a diploma in computer science from the Computer Science Institute (NCR)
She won the Eloy Awards, Best Movie Producer of the Year for “I’ll Take My Chances” (2011). In 2010, she won ZAFAA Awards, in the category of Best Producer for the movie “Memories of my Heart”.


Emem, who is the first child in her family of 4 children, was born on 5 September and is from Ikono Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria.She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Arts from the University of Calabar. Isong obtained a diploma in computer science from the Computer Science Institute (NCR).

Emem Isong Career

Emem officially kick-started her career in 1994 and has since then written and produced several outstanding movies. She is a big fan of carefully written and structured script dialogues and it is evident in the quality of movies she produces. Since 1994, Emem has written and produced more than 17 movies some of which have won awards both nationally and internationally. She has also written about 10 for other producers, and she is renowned for writing and producing highly thrilling suspense movies.
A few of her projects include Promise Me Forever, Girls In The Hood, Private Sin, Behind Closed Doors, Darkest Night, Enslaved, Games Women Play, Masterstroke, Men Do Cry, Blind Obsession, Silence Of the Gods, Mfana Ibagha, Ekaete, For Real, Endless Lies, and Critical Decision. She says that Critical Decision is the best movie she has written so far. 

Emem Isong Personal Life

Emem Isong is married to Misodi Akama, and the duo had twins in 2016. She also has a son from a previous relationship. She is a very private person and loves to keep her personal life away from the media as much as she can.


Some of the movies she produced include:

Jezebel, 1994

Breaking Point, 1996

Private Sin, 2003

Promise Me Forever, 2004

Masterstroke, 2004

For Real, 2004

Critical Decision, 2004

Men Do Cry, 2005

I Feel U, 2005

Girls in the Hood, 2005

Games Women Play, 2005

Endless Lies, 2005

Behind Closed Doors, 2005

Traumatised, 2006

Games Men Play, 2006

Yahoo Millionaire, 2007

Unfinished Business, 2007

A Time To Love, 2007

Net Worth

Emem Isong is one of the most outstanding film producers in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $500,000. 

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