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Saratu Gidado known as Daso (born 17 January 1968) is a Nigerian film actress, her name has been a household name in Kannywood movies for a very long time. Daso is known for her regular roles as a hateful and mischievous actress who defies all odds to rise to the occasion. Apart from acting “I’m the only married woman that is still into acting – Daso”. Ganja. Ganja. 7 August 2017. It was returned on 9 October 2019. She is a former actress in the Kannywood film production company, she is known as Daso. She did many movies with the late Rabilu Musa (Ibro).

Sarah Gidado

Full name Saratu Gidado
Born January 17, 1968 (age 54)
country Nigeria Education Languages ​​English Occupation Film.

Saratu Gidado entered the Kannywood film industry in 2000, and has appeared in more than 100 films.

  1. ‘Yar Ganye Ganye
  2. Yayi kyau
  3. Zango
  4. Mashi
  5. Filazal
  6. Foundation
  7. Gidan Mulki
  8. Jakar Magori
  9. Bakin ciki Maza
  10. Mutanen Fama
  11. Zoben Soyayya
  12. Shelah
  13. Uwar Kudi
  14. Yamma
  15. Daham 2005
  16. Barka da zuwa 2012
  17. Gani Gaka 2013
  18. Ibro Ba Sulhu 2014
  19. Akwai Hanyar 2016
  20. Tabbas ba 2017 ba

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