How to Stop Glo Data Auto Renewal within Seconds

You could be burning your hard earned money if you do not know how to stop Glo data auto renewal. Internet service providers want you to exhaust all your heard earned money in subscribing to all their plans, be it call packages or data plans.

One of the numerous strategies they use in achieving this purpose is by activating data auto renewal when you subscribe to a data plan. Often times we only want to subscribe to a data plan because we need to urgently but when we do that we forget there’s an auto renewal on it, this way when the data plan expires the airtime you wanted to use in making that important call is wasted away on a data package you never wanted.

With the explanation above, you realize it is highly imperative knowing how to stop Glo data auto renewal. There are two ways to go about this.

How to Stop Glo Data Auto Renewal Easily

Glo may have the cheapest data plans and rate in the country but there is nothing stopping you from deactivating their data auto renewal if you do not want. To stop Glo data auto renewal:

Send CANCEL via text message to 127.
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