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Yusuf Saseen biography, Lukman labarina age, lukman labarina Net worth and Lukman labarina phone number is what we will be discussing on this page.
But before we go further let’s start by giving you his short bio.

Yusuf Saseen

Full Name: Yusuf Muhammad Abdullah
Name: Lukman Labarina or Yusuf Saseen

Born: 1st July, 1992 (30 years)
Nationality: Nigeria

State of Origin: Kano state, Nigeria
Profession: Actor

Net worth: 15 Million Naira (Estimated)

Tribe: Hausa
Relationship: Single

Yusuf Saseen biography

Yusuf was born and raised in Nigeria’s Kano state. In Kano State, Nigeria, he attended primary, junior, and senior secondary schools.
Yusuf saseen is the real name of the popular actor in the Hausa cinema business, Yusuf Mohammed Abdullah.
Maestro is a Nigerian personality who was born and raised in Kano State. He completed his schooling at both the junior and senior levels in Kano, Nigeria.

He finished junior/primary school at Makam Special School, senior/secondary school at Kofa College in Kofa, Kano State, and tertiary/higher school at Bayaro University in Kano State.
After completing his service as a copper (nysc) on a movie program called “charbi,” he began acting in films. He appeared in a number of films, but his star did not rise until he came across the most popular hausa series film, directed by Aminu Saira and titled by Labarina.

Now that you read about lukman labarina biography, let’s proceed to his education career.

Yusuf Saseen Educational background

He went to New Kofa Junior High School and after graduation he then  went to Rumfa High School and then to Bayero University, where he did a Diploma in Crime Management.
Yusuf later returned to Benue State; where he did his Diploma in Business at the Gboko College of Arts and Crafts. After graduation lukman passed the Republic of Benin; where he graduated with a degree in Business from Sainte Felicite University in Porto Nobo.


Yusuf Saseen began acting after completing his NYSC. He was first seen in the film “Charbi,” though he was not well-known at the time. Fortunately, thanks to the hausa series era, he is now well-known. He was seen in the hausa series film “Labarina,” directed by Malan Aminu Saira, in which he played a pivotal role.

Yusuf Saseen Age

Yusuf Saseen age is in known for now but we can guess that he is 30 years old now, but once we get his full info we will update this article.

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