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Maryuda Yusuf ( Salma Kwana Cassa’in) Biography | Age | Net Worth | Movies | Education

Maryuda Yusuf Usman popularly known as Salma Kwana Casa’in became famous in the Kannywood movie industry since she appeared in her first movie titled Kwana Casa’in, A Seasonal Film That is Aired Weekly By Northern Television Arewa 24

Since then she has become one of the famous Kannywood actresses
Maryuda Yusuf was born in Kano on the 5th of September 1997 and she grew up in this city when she was young, she studied primary and secondary school in Kano before starting her film career.

Maryuda appeared in many movies such as Kishinso, Kwana Ninety, Zuciyar Makiyi and others, she is now one of the most famous upcoming actresses in the industry.
She is only 24 years old, currently single, Maryuda’s Net Worth is not public

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