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Salisu S Fulani Biography | Age | Net Worth | Movies | Education

Salisu S Fulani is a Kannywood actor shining in the industry these days. His chance of joining Kannywood began at his visit to his elder sister in Kano, at his arrival at Kano, he never dreamed of joining the Industry but being in the city gave him the courage to join the Industry around 2000.

S Fulani is seen as a talented and well deserved actor at the appearances he made in many Kannywood movies and the roles he played.

In an interview with “leadership a yau” Salisu S Fulani unveiled his biography, he was born in Bolare, Gombe state, he started his primary school at Gombe together with.

Junior secondary school and proceed to Kano to complete his senior secondary school and after graduation, he went ahead to obtained National Certificate in Education (NCE), he still resides in Kano the headquarters of Kannywood Industry.

S Fulani is seen as a talented actor like Ali Nuhu who is called Sarki Ali Nuhu, “Sarki” is a Hausa word meaning King, therefore Ali Nuhu held the title “King of Kannywood”.

Ali nuhu is an actor who performed not only in Kannywood but also Nollywood, he starred in many Kannywood and Nollywood movies won many awards in Nigeria and outside the Nation, he is the leading actor of the Industry since his presence in 1999.

S Fulani is seen to have the qualities and abilities that Ali nuhu has in the Industry.

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