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Hannatu Bashir popularly known in the movie industry as Hanan. Was born in the year 1992. The actress attended primary and secondary schools in her parents land as well as high school all in Kano state Nigeria. Presently she’s an actress as well as a producer in kannywood.


Hanan said she had interest while growing up she didn’t see film as just a business venture as a young woman, she saw an opportunity to educate easily through movie making. She also said she came to realize that a lot of issues are simplified and easily understood when channel through movies this made me develope interest in becoming the actress, without fully knowing how and when.


Hanan started practicing her acting career in the year 2011. It was in that same year she got her first movie titled” Kotun Ibro” which is very rare for new actors. The actress has featured in movies like”Rai Dangin goro” Wani hanin Ga Allah” Gaskiya tafi Kobo and many more.

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