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Abdullahi Muhammad Dan’azumi aka Abdullahi Amdaz, is one of Kannywood’s fast rising artistes. He started off as a producer, song writer and is now an…

production and song writing.

Along the line, I started featuring in Hausa movies playing some minor roles. It was during this period that some directors saw my acting qualities and encouraged me to take acting more seriously. I heeded their advice and within a short period I began to feature not only in Kannywood movie, but also in the Nollywood ones.
However, I had no intention of becoming an actor even though, all my life, I have always wanted the chance to positively impact lives. Therefore, when the directors insisted that I tried to explore my acting qualities, I saw an avenue through which I could achieve my desire. I am glad that I took that decision and I am proud of what I am today.

What was the feeling like when you realised you would be playing the lead role in the movie, ‘In search of the King’?

Amdaz: Actually, I thought someone was just making jest of me. You are talking about artistes like Ali Nuhu, Rikadawa and a host of Kannywood’s big wigs in a movie and for someone like me to be pencilled down as the lead character was indeed an honour.
I never knew what the producer saw in me to find me capable of handling that role. I accepted it and to God be the glory, I did my best playing the role.

How did you find playing a role in a movie that portrays royalty?


You see, movie stories that deals with royal activities are quite different with other stories because the dialogue is selected, body movement specified and a lot of other things that needs one to practice. In that movie I played three different personality roles

What makes this made in Kannywood English movie, different from the rest?


Let me state here that, the Kannywood English movie has been one of the best things that has happened to the industry. I say so because, even though most storylines of such movies are Hausa oriented, such movies have the quality to attract all categories of audience. When I say Hausa oriented movie, I mean that, the stories are centred towards Hausa cultural inclinations and that it has provided an avenue for those who cannot speak or understand the language, to see and comprehend what the culture, norms and values of the Hausas are.

The made in Kannywood English movies, have also assisted tremendously in clearing the air about what the north can do or can’t do regarding its socio-cultural heritage. These movies are an avenue to showcase the good heritage, and also the educational capabilities of Northern artistes, to the world.

What would you say are the challenges you face as an artiste?


Life in its totality is a challenge and you can never get to where you want to go without facing one form of challenge or the other. I can’t specifically outline all the challenges, but I am happy to say that, they have never deterred me from forging ahead.

You are a songwriter, a producer and an actor. Which among these, do you prefer the most?

Amdaz: All of these things you have lined up, are very vital in movie production especially in Kannywood. However, they are different. I really like being a writer, not only of songs but also of award-winning films.

What are some of the movies you have starred in?


I have featured in ‘Ramin Karya,’ produced by Musa Mai Sana’a, in ‘Ina kika je,’ produced by Kamal S. Alkali. I was also in ‘Kanina,’ produced by Ali Nuhu, and in ‘Labarina’ produced by Aminu Saira. There are many more. I have also featured in various Nollywood movies shot in Abuja and Lagos.

What is your dream as an actor?


 My dream as an actor is to be that force that would create and sustain unity and peace through film. I want to make a difference in becoming a household name in both Kannywood and Nollywood.

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