Yellow Card: How to use, Buy and Sell crypto & more

Yellow Card is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers the safest way to buy and sell bitcoin and also other cryptocurrencies. This post explains how to use Yellow Card, how to buy crypto, how to sell, the supported cryptocurrencies, eligible countries, and many more.

What is Yellow Card and how does it work?

Yellow Card is a cryptocurrency exchange service that provides a secure way of buying and selling bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With Yellow Card, you can also send, receive and store your crypto.

This is made possible by a bitcoin wallet available on the Yellow Card service. Yellow Card is one of the easiest ways to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether cryptocurrencies at the best rates.

Is it safe to use Yellow Card?

Yes. It’s safe to use Yellow Card for cryptocurrency exchange and transactions. Yellow Card is regulated by FinCEN in the USA. It’s also regulated and accredited in each country it operates.

Aside from that, more than 500,000 people have downloaded the Yellow Card mobile app. So far, no one has sued or claimed to be defrauded by Yellow Card.

Yellow Card Supported Countries

Yellow Card is currently supported in 16 countries. 4 in East Africa, 4 in West Africa, 4 in Central Africa, and 4 in Southern Africa.













Côte d’Ivoire

South Africa

DR of the Congo

Republic of the Congo

Yellow Card Supported Cryptocurrencies

There are 3 supported cryptocurrencies on Yellow Card at the moment of writing this article. 



Tether (USDT)

The Bitcoin option is automatically available for all users. Ethereum and Tether are available to users based on their Tier and other factors.

Yellow Card mobile app download

Before downloading the app, click here to register. Then you can download the Yellow Card mobile app from the Google Play Store (if you are using an Android device).

Users with iOS devices can also download Yellow Card from the Apple App Store.

How to deposit money from your local bank account into your Yellow Card wallet

You can deposit money into your Yellow Card wallet through any of the 10 fiat currencies supported by Yellow Card.
The 10 fiat currencies supported by Yellow Card are listed below.

Nigerian Naira

Kenyan Shilling

CFA Franc

Tanzanian Shilling

South African Rand

Botswana Pula

Ugandan Shilling

Zambian Kwacha

Ghana Cedi

Rwandan Franc

Follow the steps below to deposit money into your Yellow Card wallet

Log in to your Yellow Card Account (Either on the app on through a browser)

From your dashboard, press the “Deposit” button

Although it varies based on your location, there will be multiple payment methods available to you

Input the amount you want to deposit and complete the transaction

How to buy cryptocurrency on Yellow Card

Buying cryptocurrencies on Yellow Card is very fast and simple. You just have to follow the steps below.

Create your Yellow Card account or log in if you are an existing user

Deposit money into your local currency wallet

From your homepage, select the cryptocurrency you will like to buy. It can be Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDT

Click on “Buy” and input the amount of crypto token you want to buy

Cross-check and confirm the details

After the purchase is authorized your wallet will be credited with the tokens you paid for.

How to sell cryptocurrencies on Yellow Card

If you want to sell cryptocurrency on Yellow Card, kindly follow these steps.

From your dashboard, click on the cryptocurrency you want to sell

Click on the “Sell” button and input the amount of the crypto tokens you want to sell

Cross-check and confirm the details

Provide your security pin to authorize the transaction

Once the transaction has been authorized, your local currency wallet will be credited with the exact amount. You can always withdraw the money in your local currency wallet to your local bank account at any time. You can also use it to buy cryptocurrencies.

How to send cryptocurrency from your Yellow Card wallet

If you want to send cryptocurrency to another user on Yellow Card or another crypto wallet, follow the steps below.

From your dashboard, click on the cryptocurrency you want to send

Select the destination you want to send the crypto tokens to. This can be another Yellow Card user or a third-party crypto wallet

If it’s another Yellow Card user, use the “phone number” or “email address” options

If it’s a third-party crypto wallet, you should use the “wallet address” option

Whichever one you want to use, provide the correct details

Enter the amount of cryptocurrency you want to send to the receiver and confirm

Provide your security pin to authorize the transaction

Yellow Card Priority Level

The Yellow Card priority level is what determines how long it takes for your transaction to be confirmed and executed.
If you’re sending Bitcoin to an external wallet, you can set the priority level to your preference. Generally, the Miner’s fee varies by priority.

Yellow Card service charges: How much does Yellow Card charge per transaction?

Yellow Card charges a very small service fee per transaction. Since it’s different for every country, you should see the full list of Yellow Card service charges for each country here.

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