How To Use WhatsApp On Your Computer

Using WhatsApp on your computer sometimes can save you the stress of checking your phone frequently especially when you are working on your computer. Sometimes I get so busy with my laptop I don’t even have time to check my phone, messages will be flying in here and there on my WhatsApp and I wouldn’t want to leave what I am doing on my computer. This could be hard at times, and it could cause distractions but what if the messages coming on my WhatsApp are important? I just simply connect the WhatsApp application to my computer.

I simply open a tab on my computer browser and connect my WhatsApp account, this way I can follow through with what I am doing on the computer and my WhatsApp at the same time. I have saved myself the distractions and the stress of checking my phone every time to answer back messages and chats. Great, right?… Hell Yeah!

To connect your the App to your computer open it on your phone (of course both your computer and the phone must be connected to the internet) and tap on the options key on your phone, some menu will pop up on your screen, click on WhatsApp Web and a page will come out on your screen showing your camera within your WhatsApp.

Now open on your computer’s browser, you will see a QR code on the screen, now you need to scan this QR code to your phone’s current screen. Your WhatsApp interface comes on your computer screen after this.

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