Google Adwords Certification – Learn How to Get Certified For Free

This article will show you how to take Adwords search advertising exam, Analytics exam and how to get Adwords certified. If you are into digital marketing or you just getting into it, having a Google Adwords Certification on your badge would certainly do your CV no harm, it would definitely increase your knowledge on PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. The best thing about getting the Adwords Certification is that it is free for everyone as long as you have a Gmail account, before Google charges $50 dollars for this and the process was a little bit different.

Adwords Search Advertising Exam – Get Google Adwords Certified

Log in to your Gmail account and visit Google Partners page here. Click on Certifications from the menu and you will be taken to a page as shown below:

There are two certification options available – Adwords and Analytics. To get certified you have to take exams which are free under these two sections and pass.

The Adwords search advertising exam covers everything you need to know about Google PPC campaigns, from setting up to management. To get certified you need to pass the Adwords Fundamentals exam and any of the other Adwords exams (Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising and Mobile Advertising). Each exam has 100 questions and you will be given 120 minutes to attempt all, you need to get 80% to pass each exam.

The Analytics exams cover everything you need to know about Google Analytics tracking and best practices. To get certified you only need to take one exam. You have 90 minutes to answer 70 questions, 80% score is regarded as the pass mark.

Both Google Adwords Certification and Analytics is only valid for an 18-months period after which the certificate will expire. You need to renew by taking the exams again. For exam study guides, go here.

After you’ve passed the exams and gotten certified, you will have access to print the certificate out and you will also see a link with which you can share it with people based on your Google Partners profile settings.

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