Snapchat Spectacles: How to Order Snapchat Spectacles Online

Last year November 10, 2022, Snap Inc. released the first-ever Snapchat Spectacles and since then keen Snapchatters have been queuing endlessly in front of Snapbots to lay their hands on one. Among the spectacular users of the Spectacles was a UK doctor who filmed a surgical operation live with it; and DJ Khaled, now regarded as the Snapchat king, got one for himself.

But starting from yesterday (7th of January, 2023) if you want to buy the Spectacles, you need no longer queue in front of Snapbot vending machine again; you can now order the Spectacles online.

At present Snapchat Spectacles ordered online can only be delivered within U.S., and also the maximum number of Spectacles that can be ordered by a household or a billing address is 6. We hope Snapchatters from other countries will be able to get the Spectacles too very soon.

So if you are living in the U.S. or have a way to order stuff using a U.S. address, the steps below will take you through how to order Snapchat Spectacles online.

How to Order Snapchat Spectacles Online.

To get Snapchat Spectacles online, you need to proceed to the Spectacles’ website and place your order. The spectacles itself costs $129.99, but extra charges, $5.99, is required for shipping, making $135.98. The steps to placing the order are as follow:

Visit the Snapchat Spectacles’ website.
On landing on the homepage, tap on your desired colour out of the available three colours, represented by three round balls.
After tapping on a ball to choose your colour, tap on ADD TO CART: On tapping ADD TO CART the checkout page will load.

On the checkout page, tap on CHECKOUT to continue the checkout of your carted Spectacles or tap on CONTINUE SHOPPING to add more. You can add up to 6 Spectacles.

You may also want to scroll down on the checkout page to add other useful accessories to your cart. On the Extra Accessories, you can add the Charging Case, which costs $49.99 and the Charging Cable, which costs $9.99. Buying the Charging Case isn’t necessary, but I don’t think it’s a good idea not to buy the Charging Cable. But for the purpose of this post, I will continue with only ordering the Spectacles, without the accessories.

Since we are doing only the Spectacles, tap on CHECKOUT: this will load a sort of a form page.
On the form page provide all the required information and tap on CONTINUE TO SHIPPING METHOD.

The next page loads, with the cost of your order changing to $135.98 (meaning taxes have been added to the $129.99 cost price). Also on the page you will see the $5.99 shipping cost of your Snapchat Spectacles.


On the loaded page input your card details, supply a promo code if you have one, accept the Privacy Policy and tap PLACE ORDER to place order on you: the final cost of ordering the Snapchat Spectacles online is $145.33, when the taxes and the shipping cost have been added.

After placing your order your Snapchat Spectacles will be delivered within 2 – 4 weeks.

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