How to Download Facebook Videos on Android Smartphone or Tablet

Facebook has a great collection of content including videos. Some of these videos that you would like to save them on your Android device. However, it might not be possible to perform this task.

What if we told you if there was a way to download these videos? Yes, there are steps that you can follow to download a Facebook video. But the steps are not direct as the social media platform does limit access to such content even if it allows you to save the video link.

With this article, we would like to show you how to download Facebook videos on Android phones and tablets. We will be looking at two different steps in this short guide. The first part includes copying the Facebook video’s URL while the second involves using before you can download the video. Let’s begin.

How to Download Facebook Videos on Android DevicePart 1: Copy the video link

First, you have to get the link of the Facebook video you want to download. Here are the steps:

Launch the Facebook app

Head to the video you want to download

Click on the More Settings or three-dot icon at the upper right of the video.

Tap Copy Link. Part 2: Download the Video to your Android Device

Immediately you copy the link, begin a download. Here are the steps.

  1. Launch your web browser.
  2. Type on the address bar. is a free service with which you can download Facebook videos.
  3. Paste the link or URL of the video in the empty box bedside the Catch video button.
  4. Move downwards and tap the Show Media List button.
  5. Choose the video version you to save on your download. Within a few seconds, the download will begin.
  6. Tap the download indicator on the Status bar after the download is complete.
  7. Watch the video you have saved. is an excellent site with a simple interface, so using this site is quite straightforward. Also, the site can download videos from other sites including Instagram, Vimeo, Youtube,

Facebook, VK, DailyMotion, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and more. Feel free to use this service and please share your experience with us.

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