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A Brief History of Singer Umar MB

First of all, let’s take a look at your history and your full name.

Umar MB

First of all my name is Umar Musa who is popularly known as Umar MB, I was born in Rigasa town in Kaduna town, I went to school in Kaduna and I am continuing my studies here.

Which Struggle to Do You Face In Your Life?

Umar MB

The struggle is indeed an unimaginable one from learning to work and so on.

Which problem are you facing?

Umar MB

There is no business or issue that you can continue without any problems in it.

When did you start singing?

Umar MB

I started singing when I was in school, and I actually started singing in school.

Which song is your favorite?

Umar MB

The song that people like the most is my favorite.

What advice would you give to the rising singers?

Umar MB

the advice I would give to those who are like me is to persevere in their work where with life and fate one day they will be successful with the grace of God only to clean the heart of hatred and envy and others do not lead a person to the mountain of cooking.

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