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Rayya Kwana Casa’in Biography | Age | Net Worth | Movies | Education

Surraya Aminu is famously known as Rayya Kwana Casa’in. She was born in December 1998 in Lagos State. She was raised and did her education in Kaduna state.

Rayya Kwana Casa’in is now twenty two years of age. Recently, Rayya celebrated her birthday party.

Surraya Aminu is best known for the Kannywood series film called ‘Kwana Casa’in’. The movie has become a household name in Northern Nigeria.

Before she started featuring in the blockbuster movie, Rayya has been acting in the Kannywood industry for a period of six months. Some of the movies she appeared in include but are not limited to Yarena, Kanin miji, and others.

In an interview with Surraya Aminu, she revealed that she has the ambition to be an actress when she was a small girl. She stated that the king of Kannywood, Ali Nuhu is her role model and best actor. Fati Muhammad and Rahma Sadau remain the best actresses of Rayya Kwana Casa’in.

The Kannywood actress is a student who is studying mass communication. She is studying for a diploma. According to Rayya, she wants to pursue her education until she gets to be a professor in Mass Communication. She has a dream to be a popular and famous businesswoman as she is now into the solar panels business.

She is now an actress, businesswoman, and entrepreneur. Rayya Kwana Casa’in celebrated her birthday in an admiring situation. She shared the birthday photos on social media. This is Rayya and her family as she wrote, my life is filled with my parents’ prayers.

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