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Fati Shuuma. Fatima Abubakar was born in 1994, popularly known as Fati Shu’uma or Fati Abubakar, she was an entertainer in the Kannywood industry. She came into the limelight after she appeared in a movie in 2014 called “Shu’uma” as “The Bad Woman” where she got a good performance. In any case, with her performance in Shu’uma, a person I can understand why Fatima Abubakar, who is a new actress in this scene and is fast becoming famous, Fati Shu’uma brought the sweet Musk. Fati Abubakar popularly known as Fati Shu’uma, an actress She plays the role of a bad woman in most of her movies. She is a beautiful, smart and intelligent young actress. Fati Shuuma is a character. It is said that she likes to show but she can match the character because she usually plays a bad woman in her movies. Fati Shuuma has played a bad woman in many of her movies. Some people disliked her because of the role she played. Fati Shuuma is one of the most famous actresses in the Kannywood film industry.

Fati Shu’uma Life

Full name Fatima Abubakar
Birth1994 (27/28 years old)

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