2023_2024 The A.S. Mowat Scholarship for International Masters Students at Dalhousie University, Canada,

Admission requests must be made online at the university’s website. A student must submit an online application if they want to be considered for the scholarship program.

Supporting documents: Students must provide the following papers to the university:


CV, letter of recommendation

Declarative statement

Research interests statement

Admission criteria for a portfolio:

The applicants must have completed grade 12 of high school, with a minimum cumulative GPA. A passing final grade in academic English and any other required subject in Grade 12 as well as an average in the five academic Grade 12 courses needed for your desired program.

Results from the following tests of English language proficiency must be submitted by students:


7.0 MET – C1 Level 64 on the IELTS

PTE – 65 CAEL – 70

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