2023–2024 Scholarships for Students with Italian American Grandparents from the SOI Foundation in the United States

This is to notify you that the SOI Foundation’s USA NLG Scholarships for Students with Italian-American Grandparents application period is now open. 2023-24

Notable Points

The following are the important details of the SOI Foundation’s NLG Scholarships for Students with Italian-American Grandparents, USA 2023–24:

Partially funded

They enroll in all the participating colleges’ courses.

Students from other countries are welcome.

All applications for undergraduate and graduate programs are welcome.

A Brief description

National Leadership Grants were founded by the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America through the Sons of Italy Foundation. For the academic year 2023–2024, this financing opportunity is open to applicants from Italy.

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Only people of Italian ancestry who had at least one Italian relative at the time of application are eligible for the fellowship.

or a grandmother of Italian descent. The Sons of Italy Foundation awarded 10 to 12 merit-based National Leadership Grants in a statewide competition, with prizes ranging from $4,000 to $25,000.

Application Closing Date

The deadline for applications is February 28, 2023.

Qualifying Courses

A program designed to reward high-achieving internationals is called NLG Scholarships for Students with Italian-American Grandparents by SOI Foundation, USA 2023–24. It is only offered for the following course:

Every course

Eligible nations

The following nationalities are eligible for enrollment:

Italian-American students (at least one Italian or Italian-American grandparent).

Benefit of Scholarship Award

The university will offer all the following:

The Sons of Italy Foundation® (SIF) has awarded 10–12 merit-based scholarships (National Leadership Grants) in a nationwide competition, with rewards between $4,000 and $25,000

These figures and the number of scholarships given may vary yearly depending on funding.

NLG Scholarships for Students with Italian-American Grandparents by SOI Foundation, USA 2023–24 are largely for undergraduate and graduate students.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the NLG Scholarships for Students with Italian-American Grandparents by SOI Foundation, USA 2023–24, all applicants must fulfill the requirements listed below:

In order to be considered, candidates must meet all criteria:

Students of Italian origin registering for graduate or undergraduate studies at a four-year, recognized institution in the fall of 2023 (must have at least one Italian or Italian-American grandparent).

Previous SIF scholarship holders are not eligible. Some scholarships could have further prerequisites to be eligible.

American nationals and those with green cards

Application Method

The sole remaining method for applying legitimately is as follows:

Students that are interested must fill out and submit the registration form. Each scholarship’s requirements must be included in the online application.

Support materials Transcripts:

Transcripts up to the December 2020 term must be supplied for each scholarship. Each transcript must be stamped by the school.

Processing Charge: A $35 non-refundable processing fee is required for each scholarship application. The price includes a one-year At-Large Membership to OSDIA with all benefits of an At-Large Membership.

The applicants must meet the requirements for admission set forth by the Sons of Italy Foundation for each course.

The applicant must show that they are fluent in English.

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