2023–2024 Engineering Scholarships for International Students at Canada’s Queens University

University, Canada in 2023–2024, all applicants must fulfill the requirements listed below:

The applicants must be international students.

The applicants must have just started their first year of post-secondary education.
The applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate engineering or applied science degree.

Application Method

The sole remaining method for applying legitimately is as follows:

The applicants must fill out an admissions application on the OUAC website in order to be considered for the award. No more scholarship applications are necessary.
supporting documents Students must provide the following papers to the university:

A copy of a school transcript that is accurate, it is acknowledged
a transcript obtained through an institution’s or college’s self-serve website

A valid high school transcript from your school, school board, ministry of education, or testing agency, as confirmed by World Education Services, or a copy of the credit counseling summary from high school, or something comparable (WES).

A copy of your unofficial exam results or your language proficiency test results.

To be considered for admission, candidates must meet the university’s entrance requirements for overseas students.

Results from the following tests of English language proficiency must be submitted by students:


IBT 88


PTE 60


110 on Duolingo; 175 on Cambridge English

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