Robinhood’s Verified Twitter Account was Hacked and Started Promoting a Crypto Scam – This is What Happened Next

Attackers hacked into major US online trading platform Robinhood’s social media accounts to promote a scam token. 

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao soon said that the account linked to the incident had been locked.

On Wednesday, the platform’s official Twitter account, RobinhoodApp, posted a “reminder” to its 1.1 million followers that it was launching the RHB token on Binance Smart Chain, offering users to purchase coins for $0.0005 apiece.

It included a link to the PancakeSwap platform, where the token is listed.

While Robinhood did not post anything about the hack on its own account, it did admit to it in a comment section of another person’s post, saying that Twitter wasn’t the only account affected, and writing:

“We’re aware of the unauthorized posts from Robinhood Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles, which were all removed within minutes. At this time, based on our ongoing investigation, we believe the source of the incident was via a third party vendor.

The original post has since been deleted, but it’s still available via an snapshot, and many users had grabbed screenshots before the company removed the post. 

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