Crypto Whales are Adding These Cryptos to Their Holdings – Here’s Why

As we look forward to what’s in store for the crypto markets through the rest of 2023, crypto whales have already started acquiring coins as a sign of a potential bull market ahead. But just what are crypto whales buying?

In spite of the dip experienced by cryptocurrencies in 2022, innovative and game-changing advancements are still being made with blockchain technology–giving whales and smaller investors something to look forward to in 2023 and beyond. 

Although Bitcoin and Ethereum may have taken the spotlight as large cap leaders, there are a multitude of other projects that are leading innovation in many areas of the crypto economy.

Many investment options exist for traders looking to take positions in the industry, including within DeFi and real use cases for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), to name a couple.

If you’re contemplating investing, you may be asking yourself: is now the best time to begin, and if so, which investments should I make? Sadly no one can foresee where markets will move in the future.

For that reason it’s essential to invest only what funds you are willing to lose.
Safeguarding yourself from scams is also essential, so it’s critical to ensure that any projects you invest in adhere to all legal regulations.

Investigating the team involved with a given initiative is also necessary; confirming their credibility and verifying if they have a successful background are both steps that shouldn’t be skipped.

Take into account if the blockchain use cases proposed by the project offers authentic answers to currently existing problems, instead of simply taking advantage of the blockchain buzz without actually delivering any true solutions.

If you’re seeking a potentially lucrative investment, presales of upcoming cryptocurrencies may be the ideal option for you. With careful planning and shrewd investments, you could experience significant ROI.

If you’re looking for digital assets that meet the aforementioned criteria, consider MEMAG, FGHT, CCHG, TARO and RIA.

Reimagining Mobile Gaming for Web3: Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

The Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is poised to take the mobile gaming world by storm, rolling out a brand-new Web3 gaming guild powered by blockchain technology and a decentralized community.

MMG seeks to realize a sustainable ecosystem that facilitates high-level gaming while resolving the issues gamers encounter today.

The platform rewards players for their contributions with MEMAG cryptocurrency and offers them true ownership of in-game assets. Participants have the freedom to barter their in-game items and currency through an open game economy where they can redeem “Gems” for real money or assets within the game.

MMG commits to crafting a transparent and fair gaming environment for all players, delivering honest gameplay devoid of any predatory behavior.

To kickstart their game lineup, they are launching Meta Kart Racers–a PVP or single-player race game compatible with mobile devices. The company is also looking to add more blockchain games to their repertoire in the near future as well.

Crypto whales are buying up MEMAG tokens in its presale, which has already raised an impressive sum of $1.4 million in a matter of a couple weeks.

Visit Meta Masters Guild Now

What Are Crypto Whales Buying? Fight Out (FGHT)

Crypto whales have their eyes on Fight Out (FGHT), an upcoming app and gym chain that is set to transform the world of fitness. With their move-to-earn (M2E) initiative, users can be rewarded in REPS tokens for completing their physical goals–backed by a team of professionals vetted by CoinSniper.

Fight Out is raising the bar in fitness with their cutting-edge gyms and features such as “mirror profiles” and sensors that provide instantaneous feedback when exercising.

This interesting concept has already signed up UFC champions Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos, as well as former WBO middleweight champion Savannah Marshall, for its ambassador program.

There are currently investor rewards on offer during the presale event: up to 50% bonuses on investments over $50,000. This project has already gained immense interest and raised more than $3.4 million through its presale, with FGHT definitely one of the coins crypto whales are buying.

Sparking Change with C+Charge (CCHG)

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more popular and widespread, EV owners are increasingly encountering the challenge of finding convenient charging stations.

To improve this experience, C+Charge is introducing a blockchain-based platform that provides an intuitive payment system while allowing users to earn rewards in the form of sustainable cryptocurrency.

C+Charge’s peer-to-peer payment system allows for easy transactions from a user’s crypto wallet without the need for traditional payment systems and their associated fees or wait times.

Additionally, their platform offers real-time transparency so users can understand the cost of their charging session.

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