IBB Speaks On Endorsing Peter Obi For President

Former Military President of Nigeria, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida has debunked reports claiming he endorsed the presidential ambition of the Labour Party (LP) candidate, Peter Obi.

Some people had fallen for a tweet from a parody account which claimed Babangida had also declared support for Obi by agreeing with the earlier endorsement of the LP candidate by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

The Twitter account had written: “Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo will forever be a true elder statesman and a boss in the military. No serving General in the Nigerian Army today joined the military earlier than 1982. By then, Obasanjo had already finished his military career. I respect him a lot, with his endorsement”.

However, the spokesperson of Babangida, Prince Kassim Afegbua in a reaction to the reported endorsement denied any such from the former military leader.

He added that IBB doesn’t have a Twitter account and those behind the account claiming an endorsement are liars.

Afegbua pointed out that his principal will only make his opinions known through signed statements.

He said, “It is not true, please. Ignore the report of the endorsement. IBB doesn’t have a Twitter handle.

“If he is going to speak, it will be through a signed statement, not Twitter. Those behind the Twitter statement are liars”.

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