2024 Grammys Recap: Biggest Winners, Best Performances & More

2024 Grammys Recap: Biggest Winners, Best Performances & More

Here are the biggest winners, the best performances, and all the top highlight moments from the 2024 Grammys.

Tetris Kelly
It was ladies’ night at the Grammys, proving girls really do run the world. Hey it’s Tetris with Billboard News I’m at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards. I’m gonna be running down tonight’s big winners, losers and the biggest performances.

Tetris Kelly
Dua Lipa opened the show with her new single “Training Season.”

Tetris Kelly
and served a ton of choreo. Miley Cyrus won not only the first Grammy of the night, but also the first Grammy of her career.

Miley Cyrus
Oh my god, I just got stuck in the rain in traffic and thought I was gonna miss this moment. And I could have missed the award that’s fine, but not Mariah Carey.

Tetris Kelly
And went on to perform her Grammy winning song for the first time on TV.

Tetris Kelly
We also saw iconic performances from Billie Eilish, SZA and Olivia Rodrigo Travis Scott, 21 Savage, Brandy and Burns Boy brought the fun and we honor legends Tina Turner, Billy Joel and Joni Mitchell. And this performance had everybody talking, Luke Combs and Tracy Chapman performing “Fast Car” was a fan favorite. When it comes to the awards Best Musica Urbana Album went to Karol G.

Karol G
This is my first at Grammys nd this is my first time holding my own Grammy.

Tetris Kelly
Lainey Wilson took home Best Country album.

Lainey Wilson
This is absolutely wild y’all. This is my very first Grammys.

Tetris Kelly
Best R&B song was just one of three Grammy SZA took home.

I can’t believe this is happening. This feels very fake. And I’m so…hi Taylor!

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