How to Use two WhatsApp in One Android Phone – No Root

In this tutorial, we will let you know how to use two WhatsApp in one Android phone. When smartphones first came around it was only possible to use one SIM card, but then, Chinese phones came around and we started having 2 SIM cards in one phone, Think about having a similar thing with WhatsApp in one Android phone.

There is more than one way to do this. While some Chinese phones readily support multiple accounts or app cloning some other non-Chinese phones do not. Below are two methods to achieve this purpose regardless of the smartphone you are using.

How to Use two WhatsApp in One Android Phone

Method 1
This method works for all phones be it a Chinese made or not and your phone just needs to have dual SIM functionality. These involving using apps such as Dual Space, App Cloner, Multiple accounts and lots more. However, none of these is as effective as the popular app called Parallel Space.

Parallel Space as the name implies lets users clone and run multiple accounts of the same app on their smartphone.

Install the app on Google Play.
Start app and a Clone Apps page immediately get created on your phone.
On the Clone Apps page, select WhatsApp and tap on Add to Parallel Space

A new WhatsApp is cloned and gets installed on your Android device.
Start the cloned WhatsApp and launch. Agree on the terms shown just like when you are installing on any Android device afresh.
When you are told to verify your phone number, make sure you enter the number for the second SIM card and not your main WhatsApp SIM number.
Confirm your number, get the confirmation code, enter and start using two WhatsApp accounts on your device.

Method 2
Some smartphones from manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei and a couple TECNO devices comes with features called Guest Account, Dual Apps, App Clone or App Twin. Whichever comes with the device that should allow you to run multiple WhatsApp accounts on your Android device.

Go to your smartphone Settings, depending on your device you can see Users (Guest account), Dual Apps, App Clone or App Twin.
If your device supports a new User, switch to the new profile and install WhatsApp.
Setup as discussed in Method 1 above and start using.
On other devices, turn on App Clone or Dual Apps by using the toggle button.
Now to go any app preferably WhatsApp on your device and Long-press on the app icon.
A small “+” icon appears on it, tap the icon to create a clone
Follow the steps discussed in Method 1 to start using two WhatsApp on your device.
It’s that simple and we hope we’ve shown you how to use two WhatsApp in one Android phone. Got comments? Share with us.

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