How To Check MTN Data Balance

MTN like other telecom companies in Nigeria has made checking of data balances as easy as possible and this article is here to serve as a guide for those who are finding it hard to check their MTN data balance.

Data plans on MTN Nigeria are some of the cheapest in Nigeria today and in fact, MTN is the only telecom company in Nigeria today that is present in more than 223 cities and towns spanning across the 36 states of Nigeria. With a slogan which reads “Everywhere You Go“, you can be sure of this feat.

In case you’re finding it difficult to check your MTN Data plan balance on your phone or modem or you’re asking questions like “how do I find out how much data I have left on MTN?“, then this guide is all you need to solve your problem.

How To Check MTN Data Balance (Updated)

Below are the steps needed to go about the MTN data bundle balance inquiry on your mobile device as an MTN subscriber.

You can check your MTN data balance in different ways and that’s with USSD codes and the SMS method. These methods will be discussed below.

How To Check MTN Data Balance With USSD Codes

One of the easiest ways to check your data balance as an MTN subscriber is with the use of the 131 multi-purpose USSD code.

To check your MTN data balance with the USSD code, follow the guide below.

• Navigate to the Dialer/Phone app on your mobile device and dial *131#

•Press 4 and wait for a reply. Note that ” 4” is “Data Balance“

•After completing the steps above, you’ll get an SMS containing your data balance.

Alternatively, you can dial 1314# to get your MTN data balance instantly without having to go through the long process which was outlined above.

How To Check MTN Data Balance With SMS

Another easier method you can use to check your data balance as an MTN subscriber is with the use of the SMS platform.

To check your MTN data balance using the SMS method, use the steps below.

•Navigate to your SMS app and send “2” without quotes to 131

•After you must have sent the number, you’ll get a reply which contains your data balance no matter the plan you’re on

•How To Check MTN Data Bonus (2023 Guide)

While compiling this article, I also discovered that most MTN subscribers are also want to know how to check MTN data bonus on their devices.

If you’re one of these MTN subscribers who want to know how to achieve this, we’ve got you covered as we’ll also be treating that in this section of the article.

MTN has a wide range of plans which subscribers can choose from. Some of these plans offer more data while some offer more talk time, either way, you must know how to check the data bonus on any plan you’re currently on.

Below are the USSD codes you can use to check the MTN data bonus of different plans provided by MTN Nigeria.

  1. •MTN BetaTalk – 55943#
  2. •MTN ExtraValue – 55661#
  3. •MTN Pulse – Send “2” without quotes to 131 (SMS Method)
  4. •MTN Awuf4U – 55914#
  5. •MTN Starter Pack – 55917#
  6. •MTN True Talk – *556#

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