How the Supporters of the NNPP Continue to pray for her and hope for Victory over the Supreme Court Decision

Supporters of the (NNPP) in Dawakin Tofa area of Kano state, Thursday, led a special prayer session and peaceful demonstration, seeking divine intervention ahead of the Supreme Court’s verdict on the March 18, 2023, gubernatorial election in Kano.

Dawakin Tofa is the ancestral homeland of the former Kano state governor, Abdullahi Ganduje.

The demonstrators, predominantly women, declared unwavering support for Governor Kabir Yusuf and offered prayers and supplications for his triumph at the Supreme Court.

Abba kabir yusif has done many things that the kano state people the Proud of him.

Gathering in their thousands from various villages in Dawakin Tofa, the NNPP members convened at the Bandirawo and Dawanau central mosque, beseeching divine intervention in Governor Yusuf’s case.

Addressing the gathering, the leader of the group, Idris Dandalama, said: “We are here to beseech Almighty Allah to uphold our mandate.

“The Supreme Court represents the last hope of the common man, and we remain optimistic that the outcome will be favorable and in our favor.”

He, however, expressed satisfaction that within the short span of his leadership, Governor Yusuf has exhibited a remarkable capacity to elevate the state to greater heights.

Dandalama said: “Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf has successfully settled the arrears of pensions and gratuities for our retired husbands different with former government.

He has facilitated the marriages of our daughters, ensured the timely payment of our salaries, empowered People Living with Disabilities, and sponsored our children to pursue master’s degrees in various universities worldwide as we are seeing.

“In addition to the accomplishments achieved, we have assembled here to pray for peace in Kano state, recognizing the signs of peril, the tense situation, and the increasingly volatile political atmosphere.

so we have hope that Abba Kabir Yusif will be the legit governor in kano state by the grace of God.

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