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Auta Waziri Short Biography

Auta Waziri is a Hausa singer from Kaduna state in northern Nigeria. He is 25 years old and follows Islam. He studied primary and secondary in Kaduna.

Minister of Education

He went to school in Kaduna State, where he learned not only books, but also the kind of music that he would later embrace as his profession. His education paved the way for his future in music.

Auta Waziri released many songs in his life. But here are some of his famous songs, listen to them below, they will blow your mind.

Some Pictures of Auta Wazeeri

Young Girl featuring Momee Gombee

  • While
  • Here’s Lararina featuring Momee Gombee
  • King of Bichi
  • My happiness

When did Auta wazeeri start singing?

Auta wazeeri said since he was a child in primary three he loved to sing and he started with royal songs but before that he was a hip pop singer and so on. etc

What attracted the attention of Auta Wazeeri started singing.

Auta wazeeri since he was young, when he heard a song, he asked
what they will do when they create this thing.

So he also said to try and see. It is from the experimenter and he saw that he can send the message that he can send through this kind of song that he wants.

Which song is Auta Wazeeri’s favorite in his songs?

Auta Wazeeri’s favorite song in his songs is MATAN ARWA.

Auta Wazeeri song is more difficult

Auta Wazeeri said that royal songs are more difficult for him.

This is a small part of the history of Auta Wazeeri.

Auta Waziri Net Worth

Auta Waziri has about 100,000 dollars which will reach 80,000 million naira, and he is one of the biggest Hausa singers in northern Nigeria.

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