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Tony Umez is a famous Nollywood actor, producer, director, television personality and philanthropist. He is known for his romantic roles in films and has been dubbed the Nollywood Lover Boy. He was born on August 23, 1964 in Ogidi, Anambra State, south-eastern Nigeria.

Early life and education

Tony Umez was born in Ogidi, Anambra State. His mother is from Cross River State while his father is from Ogidi, the same place he was born. Despite his Igbo origin, he doesn’t speak Igbo but can fluently speak Efik, his mother’s language. Umez grew up in Lagos where he had his primary and secondary education. He also has a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in English and international law and diplomacy respectively from the University of Lagos.

Career And Success

Umez started his acting from his secondary school days where he performed on stage play and drama alongside his class mates. He launched his professional acting career in the year 1993 and joined Nollywood.
According to him, he didn’t get any money from his first two movies which made him took a short break from acting. He gained fame after after starring in the Nollywood blockbuster Movie “Died Wretched” in 1994 , a top rated Movie that brought him to limelight and earned him a nomination for “Best New Act to Watch at the Africa Movie Academy Awards”. He was buried in a Casket worth N2.3 million in the popular Movie, that was where Nollywood Movie lovers started looking out for him.
After taking a short break from acting, Tony returned to the industry in 1997 and featured in the Movie, ‘The Princess’ . He become very famous and highly sought-after after starring in the Movie, ‘Died wretched’ which gave him his massive success.

Personal Life

Tony Umez is married to the love of his life Patsy Ogochukwu, they tied the knot on the 16th of November 1999. They met on a Movie set in 1994. The union is currently blessed with 4 beautiful kids namely Beautiful Umez, Angel Umez, Princess Umez and Golden-Michelle Umez.
Stranger on my Bed
° Oyato
° Ikaino Restaurant
° Out of Fire
° No where to be found (TV series)

Tony Umez Age

58 years

23 August 1964


Living with the Devil
° Tin ba Taiye Wa
° Millionaires Club
° Ikaino Restaurant
° No Rival: Ko si Orogun
° Dirty Demand
° Room 027
° The Preacher’s Wife
° A Second Time
° The Coven
° Blood of the Orphan
° Billionaires Club
° Fire on the Mountain
° Awimayehun
° Blood Sisters
° Pains
° Occultic Kingdom
° Ababo
° Died Wretched
Stranger on my Bed
° Oyato
° Ikaino Restaurant
° Out of Fire
° No where to be found (TV series)

Net worth

Tony Umez net worth is estimated at $950,000. This, most certainly, is linked to the fact that he is among the most popular and influential actors in Nigeria.

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