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WHO IS 442

His full name is Mubarak Abdul-Karim, but he is better known as 442 or Mr442. He is one of the Hausa Wadda singers and famous in the field of modern rap music.


He was born in Zaria town in Kaduna state on Sha’uku day of September 1995 (13 September 1995).
Name: Mubarak Abdul-Karim
Ink: 442, or Mr442
Age: 27
Specialties: Poetry
Level of study: Degree
City: Zaria
Country: Nigeria
The singer has studied since primary, secondary level until he reached the advanced secondary level, that is university, he studied human behavior (sociology).

His Growing

The glory of the singer 442 tafarane tin after the song “Zindir” the song “Zindir”.
Maryam booth because of her eating and someone made a video of her at the women’s meeting.
His actress was arrested by the security forces, but after the singer sang a song called “My Ajino-Moto” for the actress, but in this case it was the actress who praised her.
It is now 2022, the singer has composed more than 20 songs, including the song he wrote with the actress Saifiya Yusuf, who was accused of (Safara’u 90 days) called “KWALERENKA”

Mr442 song list

  • His list of songs includes
  • Z! n.d
  • Moto class
  • German
  • Follow others
  • Bura father
  • hold on
  • Then Monday
  • Kwalelenka
  • Female Tareda morell
  • Dan hisba is leaking
  • She doesn’t sleep
  • Sai babanshi ft tapshak
  • Click
  • Package ft. King Sammy
  • Concert
  • Doing is
  • On it
  • Girls 2020
  • Corona 2020
  • Banaji Tareda Teeswags 2021
  • Mr442 2-0
  • Zaria
  • Her body is Tareda Ovista and Teeswags and Tee R
  • Tabalaga Tareda Teeswags
  • You put it on
  • What are you doing?
  • Dalla 2020
  • Time 2020
  • Court 2020
  • Woman 2022
  • Riga 2022


He has 442 followers on his website where over a thousand people have subscribed to his YouTube channel and over a hundred and forty four (144k) people follow him on Instagram.

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