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Mansura Isah is a former Kannywood actress and director. She was born on February 25. She has a younger sister named Maryam Isah, who is also a famous Kannywood actress. Mansura Isah is a beautiful and talented girl who started working as the first female video director in Kannywood before she got involved in acting in the late 1990s. Mansura left acting because of marriage, to live with her husband. Her husband is Sani Musa Danja who is also a famous actor. They got married in 2007 and their marriage produced four children, Khadijatul Iman, Khalifa Sani, Yakubu and Yusuf. Mansura was born in Kano.


Mansura has acted in many movies such as Yan Mata, Gurnani, Jurumai, Zazzabi, Turaka and others. Mansura Isah is the founder of ‘Toay’s Life Foundation’ and she focuses on writing movies for producers who pay her.

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