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Hussaini Abubakar Danko is a Nigerian Hausa musician, songs writer, and a singer, he was born on 18 April in Yobe state Nigeria, hussaini abubakar danko is a popularly known as hussaini danko, He is one of the most talented and influential hausa musicians in the Northern Nigeria.
Hussaini danko was attended both primary and secondary schools in yobe state, danko he didn’t attend the highschool, due to a personal reasons, but one day he may go back to school so that he continues his education.

Hussaini danko started his musical career between 2008/2009 in yobe state. Before he relocated to Kano, He also went to Studio after he was studying in secondary school level, hussaini danko his dreams to become a famous Hausa musician, he is take music as his good profession and also his hubby. 
Most of hussaini danko songs where used in the Kannywood film industry, Some are in the wedding, politics, naming ceremony, and even for advertisement, but some of his Albums were sold out to the world, As all you known hussaini danko uses harsh and deep Hausa wards in his musical style,

Hussaini danko is a soft voice talker, he possesses sweet voice, almost all his songs become with a meaningful wards, Danko mark one of his songs as his favorite song which is “Basaja” because his career progressed extremely quickly and intensely which made him a bright star on the sky of musicians in the kannywood industry, 
Danko is also had good time with some of his colleagues, like Adam A zango, Adamu hassan nagudu, Nura m Inuwa, and his others musicians and actors. Most of danko songs used as videos songs which is made by himself, or Musbahu Anfara, Garzali Miko, Salisu S Fulani, and others video music stars.

Danko write numerous songs, and also sing many songs, its uncountable, but he is almost reaches 300 songs, danko releases some albums. like, Basaja.* Labarin Duniya,* Anfara,* Zuciya,* Kalaman baki,* Wani Sirrin,* Sirrikana,* Bayan Rai* So Da Fitona,* Bashin Gaba,* Rawar Baza Riga,* Shakuwa,* Shafa’atu,* Zaman Idda,* Yarda Juna,* Jini Daya,* Amana ce,* Indda So Do Akwai Kauna,* Gimbiya Fatima,* Hauwa’u* Amarya,* Matar bahaushe* and others.

Hussaini danko in his musics career was nominated in many awards and won more than 10 awards by his name. 

Hussaini Danko married to his beautiful first wife between 2012/2013 in yobe state, nigeria, the beautiul couple’s blessed with 2 kids, one handsome Son and one beautiful daughter. Mahbub hussaini Danni and meenal hussaini danko.

Hussaini Danko and his new wife.

Hussaini danko married to his beautiful second wife in Kano state on 26/4/2019, hussaini danko is now a husband of two beautiful wife’s and his kids. 

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