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I entered the film because of interest, said Garzali Miko, where the actor explained that as his destiny, along with explaining the type of challenges he faced before becoming an actor and the type of work he started doing in the Kannywood industry before he became an actor. Start appearing as an “Actor” in a movie. Where he said that he started from the role of a light giver, then he became an order giver, and now he is appearing as a hero in the film. Then He added that whatever human being does in life, one day he must be happy and the other day is the opposite. He studied at Sane Primary School (Gyadi-Gyadi Special Primary School) and then went to Horizon Secondary School, all in Kano City. He is currently studying for a diploma in energy science at Maitama Sule University.

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History Garzali Miko

He has a relationship with actor Ali Nuhu, (King of Kannywood) who almost belittled him until he fell trying to establish himself. Garzali Miko started his film career as a lighting engineer, and from there he started directing and directing my films. Now he is one of the most popular producers in the Hausa film industry. He has produced many films, while in some he has appeared as an actor. He started the film business when he was a young child, not more than ten years old, almost all the development of the industry happened before him. His dream of becoming a full-fledged actor in Kannywood drew him to the film business where he started from the roots until he found himself a famous actor in Kannywood, he started working at Rana Film Production, he made many movies but also . His first to shine in the eyes of the world is Gamu Nan Dai. Gamu Nan Dai is a movie that was produced by the famous FKD show, and directed by Kannywood legend, Ali Nuhu. FKD have been very helpful in seeing four young people shine, including Garzali Miko. The young people who appeared in this film include Ramadan Booth, Nuhu Abdullahi, Shamsu Dan Iya, Abdul M Shareef, and the director of the program Ali Nuhu. Seeing the talent that Garzali showed in the program “Gamu Nan Dai”, he attracted the attention of the directors and started working with him. Director Sanusi Oscar 442 has really helped him to discover the talent that God has made hero Garzali and show the world his appearance. He also confirmed to the world that Garzali is a person who loves people, he pays attention when it comes to work, he doesn’t play around with everything he is put in. Right now, every step that a hero needs to take, Garzali Miko has taken the way to finish this. Every hero’s dream is to get the youth to find places to entertain people. The Great Prayer has passed, almost all the regions, Garzali’s songs are played to be played, especially Hasashe and Arashi. Hasashe and Arashi’s songs have had a great impact on the history of Kannywood, because there has never been an opportunity for an actor to come out with songs that have been accepted by people in a short time like Garzali. The main thing here is that in this project we are in, big actors released movies whose songs were very popular, but that did not stop the songs that the actor Garzali came out to pay attention to the actors because he is also known to the world. . . The video of the song “Hasashe” is one of the most popular songs in the year 1700, which even before the release of the video, people have already accepted the new format.come to those who have it. On YouTube alone, there is no other Hausa song that has been watched like Hasashe in the 2017 project, because so far five hundred thousand (50,000) people have watched it. Even the songs of the great heroes did not get this favor. He faced many challenges, but that did not make him discouraged, even if he felt that he would not succeed, he believed that whatever you are determined to do, God will help you. In an interview with him, Garzali said that it was his passion that drew him to the movie business where he started from the roots to bring new ones that he found himself as an actor in Kannywood. He said, “Challenges in life are all that people do. Sometimes they are happy and sometimes they are the opposite.” Some of the movies he has appeared in: Hadari, Ameerah, Zee Zee, Storm of Love, Liar, Wata Dikiya, Dan Masani, Idan Ana Dara, Rai Da Rai, Bakin Jealousy and many others.

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