“Shameless mother” – Video trends online as lady caught her mum sleeping with her boyfriend, gets aggressive under the duvet (Watch)

A video is making the rounds on social media that reveals the moment a lady caught her mum sleeping her boyfriend and by extension sparked lots of mixed reactions among social media users.

In the trending video, the daughter who described the moment as the most painful in her life was seen recording the moment her boyfriend and her mother get cozy under the duvet.

However, the lady who obviously can’t contained it anymore, later opened the door and the boyfriend upon seeing her jumped away from the top of her mother during the intense moment with the mother still rolling on the bed.

Contrary to the believe of many, the mother didn’t feel sorry for her daughter who barge as she warns her to take the camera away from her face, the boyfriend was also seen defending the mother telling the daughter that she is no more her boyfriend.

The lady expressed her utmost displeasure over this as she is not happy with what her mother did in her father’s matrimonial bed with her boyfriend.

In her words, “I’m going to show the world how wicked you re, you’re very wicked I’m going to show your people and dad’s people.”

The boyfriend later shut the door on her trying to get her away and further refers to her as being stupid, however, the lady responded “open this door, shameless mother, shameless boyfriend.”

The daughter added; “What is your gain tell me your gain, how can you be sleeping with mother and child, you brought shame and pain to me, I’m going to expose you, wicked mother sleeping with her daughter boyfriend.”

Reacting to this, actress Bukky Wright while sharing the real video wrote, “What will you do if you find yourself in a situation like this?

Watch the video below;

wrong, only shame and mockery one gets from it.

hontemma_integrated_services: The lady is not even scared of her life,she was supposed to make sure there’s another person around with her,can u hear the guy saying I’m going to hit her with something  what the gf doesn’t realise is that,at that very moment that woman is not her mother..they can both do anything in the world to make sure the video doesn’t come out,she’s lucky she’s even still alive to post it out.

iamwinston1984: It’s ur father house and na ur mother get the house so my dear sister go and marry and leave ur mum alone to enjoy hersef jare u not good on bed imagin ur mother is good more than u instead of u to learn from her or scold her not u putting her online….pls let the woman enjoy herself make konji no kill am

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