4 Effective Ways to Prevent Your Computer from Virus Attack

A computer virus is a malicious program that attacks your computer by replicating itself thereby causing damage to the programs on your computer. Some computer viruses are so deadly they could corrupt your system files and crash your computer if you do not act swiftly. Some viruses slow down your computer and make it frustrating to use for the user. There many ways a computer virus could find its way into a computer system and there are many ways to prevent it as well.

Ways to Prevent Virus Attack on Your Computer System

Internet: The internet is easily one of the ways you can bring a virus to your computer system if you are not careful. So many people visit many websites and download all sort of things from the internet not knowing some of this websites are malicious. Some of the things you download from the internet comes with viruses too that’s why one has to be very careful when visiting the internet. Be mindful of the websites you visit and if you want to download softwares or programs make sure they are from well-known websites.

E-mail: One of the ways in which hackers get access to a computer system is by embedding viruses with e-mail messages. Viruses in form of attachments are sent with messages to unsuspecting victims, if the attachments are downloaded the virus will enter your computer. Normally, e-mail messages like this enter into the SPAM section of your account, but at times some find their way into your inbox. To prevent virus attack on your computer through your e-mail be mindful of the e-mail messages and the attachment’s you download.

External Drives: This is by far the easiest way people get virus into their computer. External devices like Flash drives, Hard disks, etc. from different people when plugged into your computer system contains nothing but viruses, you will be surprised what damage a tiny Flash Drive can cause to your computer system. Before connecting any External Drives to your computer system make sure it’s from a reliable source and that such Drives are safe.

Antivirus Program: Even if you do not have the money to buy a premium antivirus program there are always free ones you could download from the internet and they will do a good job of protecting your computer. An example is the Avast free antivirus, as free as it is, it still does a great job from keeping your computer free of malware and viruses. Click here to download Avast free antivirus. Always make sure your antivirus program is updated regularly.

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