Best Ways to Convert Text to Video

Video marketing is absolutely the preferred marketing strategy for digital marketers these days. Although can be very costly, it is very effective when you have the right people doing everything right.

To shoot a video, many things have to come in place to create one environment – props, actors, locations, equipment, et cetera. For startups who don’t have enough funds, this may not be the way to go. Using text-based videos could be such a beautiful idea.

There are several other reasons why marketers, businesses, and individuals would go the text-video route. You could make text-based videos with background music. This has enormous utility for writers. You can create an article and convert it into an article.

You could actually post it on YouTube and other platforms to reach your end users and audience.

In this article, we will look at five ways you can create text-based videos or convert texts to videos.

Ways to Convert Text to Video Online

There are online tools and websites that makes this possible, we will be looking at them below.

Convert Text to Video withKAPWING

Kapwing is a web platform that allows you create videos with few clicks. Once you have created an account, you will have access to more than 20 video editing software. One of the tools is Add Text Video which is a simple tool anyone can use.

You have lots of templates you can pick from. All you have to do is paste your text, pick a preferred styling, save it and create your first image.

You have to create as many images as you want. Then, use the tool ‘Image to Video’ to merge all images to create a video.

Now, you can add music, objects, and other layers to spice it all up.

Kapwing is a free to use platform. However, a watermark appears on the video which would cost you money to remove. It costs $6. Rather, you can pay the monthly subscription fee of $20.

Convert Text to Video withArticle Video Robot

The Article Video Robot was created to merge videos with audio, texts, and graphics. This is a super responsive platform that can be used on mobile devices like smartphones and small sized tablets.

It has six video styles you can pick from. You start by adding text and pasting it. Thereafter, you can pick a title, enter an author’s name, images, URL, and a narrator’s voice.

The video will take around five minutes to be ready. You can upload it on YouTube or share via social media platforms.

You can add background music and intro. The platform is free for up to 30 seconds after which pricing starts at $47 am month with ten minutes of video, five voices. For HD videos, you will have to cough out $97 a month.

Convert Text to Video withLumen5

Finding images, graphics, and animations for your social media and YouTube videos might be grueling. Lumen5 wants to be the go-to platform that solves this problem using AI (artificial intelligence).

They have a library that holds millions of media. You have to start by adding manual texts or URL, while adding images, audio, or video.

Lumen5 helps you choose your brand logo, colours, and fonts to achieve alignment across platforms and marketing campaigns.

You have three video format available. Users can pick from more than 15 fonts while adding an intro and outro, text position, scene length, and more.

You also have a search bar that helps find files using keywords. All files are copyright free, making you relieved regarding stolen works.

The free plan allows a 480-pixel video resolution with watermark. For $49 a month, you have HD videos of 720 pixels without watermark. Lumen5 is in partnership with Getty Images to provide free images for users.

Convert Text to Video with Typito

Typito has a partnership with Unspalsh that helps it provide images for all users. These images can all be found on Typito.

The process of creating videos on the platform is simple. You can choose to upload your files or use media files within the Typito platform.

It offers more than 200 templates users can choose from with keywords. You can add text and style it to your preference. You also have audio templates you can use as background music.

The free plan allows you create HD videos plus access to motion graphics and three additional members. However, you are limited to just 10 clips or images per video. Also, it comes with a watermark you can remove for $10.

On the other hand, the subscription plan is $25 a month. This removes all restrictions and allows Full HD movies with six teammate support.

Convert Text to Video withViomatic

Viomatic is the platform you will want to use if you don’t intend to pay any subscription fee as it has none. You start by entering the blog address and Viomatic will pick the graphics and images.

It has several customizations you can do with the texts and audios. It offers male and female voice overs, although they do not sound human. You can upload videos to YouTube and other platforms all for free.

In a Wrap

Now, you can engage your audience with video content without breaking the bank. Do you want to upload some great videos? You already know the platforms to use that cost almost nothing. No, do it!

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