How to Fund GTBank Domiciliary Account and Dollar MasterCard

We earlier wrote on what it takes to get a GTBank Dollar MasterCard; now it’s time to know how to fund GTBank domiciliary account and your GTBank Dollar MasterCard. Just in case you are few steps behind and you’ve not been following, see how to open a domiciliary account here.

How to Fund GTBank Domiciliary Account

You can either fund your GTBank domiciliary account through a deposit or transfer.

Deposit – Since it’s a Dollar domiciliary account, the only currency accepted in the account is Dollar. You can either go to the bank, make the dollar deposit yourself or someone else makes the deposit on your behalf. If you are wondering how to get Dollar in cash when the local currency is Naira, you can change from BDC or from the guys/men changing in your locality.

Direct Transfer – If you are into any internet business, you can use your domiciliary account to receive funds in dollars and apparently increasing your Dollarflow. If you got people abroad, they can also fund your domiciliary account with Dollar via a wire transfer.

How to Fund GTBank Dollar MasterCard

Now, don’t get it twisted, the Dollar MasterCard operates independently; because you have a domiciliary account does not mean funds from your account will automatically reflect on the card.

When you request for a Dollar Card, GTBank opens a separate ledger account for your MasterCard which you have to fund via the internet banking/mobile banking or by calling GTconnect. After funding the ledger account, you automatically fund your GTBank Dollar MasterCard. Now, this is actually safe and well-thought-through because anytime you want to make a transaction online or anywhere with your Dollar Card, you only need to move in the total amount of Dollar you need. To fund GTBank Dollar MasterCard:

On the mobile banking app or internet banking platform, login and go to Transfers & Withdrawals.

Click on To Own Accounts.

Click on Current Account, then MasterCard/Visa Debit Card.

Enter the total funds you want to move and click OK.

Your GTBank Dollar MasterCard is now funded.

This is how to fund GTBank domiciliary account and Dollar MasterCard. Got any questions? Drop comments below.

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