List Of Courses Offered At Edusoko University, Bida, Niger State

Edusoko University is one of the private universities in Nigeria that offers diverse undergraduate programmes.

The university is located in Bida, Niger State.Edusoko University has been officially accredited and/or recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Nigeria.

Below is the list of high-quality courses on offer at Edusoko University.

1.B.Sc. Business Administration
2.B.Sc. Development Studies
3.B.Sc. Entrepreneurship
4.B.Sc. EconomicsB.Sc. International Relations
5.B.Sc. Peace and Conflict Resolution
6.B.Sc. Economics
7.B.Sc. Marketing
8.B.Sc. Human Resource Management
9.B.Sc. Criminology
10.B.Sc. Political Science
11.B.Sc. Taxation
12.B.Sc. Actuarial Science
13.B.Sc. Finance
14.B.Sc. Psychology
15.B.Sc. Policy & Administrative Studies
16.B.Sc. Public Administration
17.B.Sc. Sociology
18.B.Sc. Accounting

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