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Tijjani Gandu, a singer of the praises of the Messenger of God (pbuh)

Explaining how he became a musician, Tijjani said: “Anyone who wants a painting done in his studio, he calls me and I do it for him. Then I became famous among them, we got used to it, I went to every studio and stayed until I started learning music.” He went on to say, “As I was singing songs for Mawludi in our school, I became able to write songs praising the Messenger of God and warnings.” So I started by praising the Messenger of God. I’m doing it until I’m known among singers.” He made many songs, but he was not known for a while. According to him, the song that brought him out and made him known was “Yar Maye”. “It’s the only song and the reason why I am known in the world of music today,” he said. The singer made a call to his colleagues, h e said, “I call on the singers to maintain the dignity of our profession, and protect everything that will bring down our dignity

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