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Kawu Dan Sarki Biography | Age | Net Worth | Song | Education

Hello guys, in this article we are to discuss briefly on the biography of kawu dan sarki 2022. The Biography of kawu dan sarki is here available to answer the most frequent questions on kawu dan sarki 2022.
Kawu dan sarki is one among the famous fast-rising pop star from the northern nigeria (arewa). He made it to this level for his hausa dancing songs(Gidan Gala). Furthermore, Kawu dan sarki come up with a new style of hausa song, this makes him popular.

Brief History Of Kawu Dan Sarki

Kawu Dan Sarki is a young famous hausa musician, Songwriter, influencer, and an active star in the music industry. He was born in kano state, nigeria. Also, He attended both primary and secondary schools in kano state, Nigeria. Again, The instagram handle of Kawu dan sarki is kawudansarkee

Kawu Dan Sarki Phone Number Or Contact Address

Basically, people have been asking questions like; what’s the phone number of kawu dan sarki?, kawu dan sarki contact address, where is kawu dan sarki? and many more. So, the answer is right here at your door step. in summary, The phone number of kawu dan sarki is 08131129655.

Kawu Dan Sarki Age & Net Worth 2022

The age of kawu dan sarki, Kawu dan sarki was born in 12 May 1992 and His age is 30 years old. His net worth is $30,000 in 2022.

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