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Allstate Insurance Hilo

Allstate Insurance Co is located in Hilo, HI in Hawaii County and offers Hilo insurance and HI insurance to all residents of Hilo, HI and throughout the entire state of Hawaii. Alan Oda is the Manager of Allstate Insurance Co and can be reached at 808-935-3360.

Nakoa Kai Insurance Professionals are proud to work with a company who’s been serving satisfied customers for over 80 years.

Allstate customers can count on outstanding financial strength and superior claims service to help protect what they value most. Allstate delivers on their promise with an A+ (Superior) rating by A.M. Best. Quality service, strength and satisfaction – that’s something we’re glad to be a part of.

Why is insurance so cheap in Hawaii?

Car insurance costs are cheaper in Hawaii than in other states. This is because non-driving rating factors that normally increase premiums, like your age and credit score, are disregarded.

However, factors particular to Hawaii — like the fact that it’s a no-fault state — can increase rates. Traffic congestion, urban population density and increasing vehicle theft rates can also increase premiums in the state.

Personal factors, including your location, chosen provider, driving record and car make and build, could be why car insurance rates are expensive for you. It is worth noting that these are controllable factors, and making adjustments could help you get lower rates.

Does Insurance Cover Hawaii?

Because Hawaii is a domestic destination, chances are your medical insurance will work there. But even so, chances are if you have an unplanned visit to a doctor in Hawaii, you’ll have medical bills to pay due to out-of-network charges, deductibles or other fees.

Can you live in Hawaii without a car?

Living in Honolulu without a car is not only possible, but it can also be a great way to explore and experience the city. With a variety of transportation options available, getting around Honolulu without a car is both convenient and eco-friendly. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, here are some of the best ways to navigate the beautiful island of Oahu without relying on a personal vehicle.

How do I contact Allstate Hawaii?

Chat with us
Allstate support is available via chat 24/7.

Allstate customer service number
Need to talk to someone? We’re here to help.
Call 800-726-6033.

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