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Ada Ameh’s biography

Ada Ameh was born on the 15th of May 1974 in Ajegunle, which is considered one of the ghetto areas in Lagos State.There are no details of her parents, but the reports revealed they are from Benue state.
The records revealed that Ada Ameh is Idoma by tribe, and since she grew up in Lagos State, which is predominantly Yoruba, she can speak and understand the language fluently.
Growing up was difficult for Ada Ameh as she was faced with peer pressure which made her had sex and get impregnated as a teenager.


Ada Ameh had her primary and secondary school education in Lagos state but had to drop out after she got pregnant at the age of 13, there are no details on whether she proceeded forward later.


Ada Ameh joined the Nollywood movie industry officially in 1995 and earned her first role in a movie in 1996 where she played the role of Anita in the film “Domitila”, which went on to bring her to the limelight.
The veteran is more known for her roles in popular Nigerian Tv series titled The Johnsons is also rated highly among lovers of Nigerian TV series
Some of the other projects Ada Ameh has worked on include: Aki na Ukwa, Phone Swap, Blood Money Atlas, Òlòtūré, Our Husband, King Of Shitta, Ghana Must Go, A Million Baby, One Good Turn, Double Trouble, among others.
Aside from acting, Ada Ameh is a producer and entrepreneur and is known for her act of giving to the less privileged.

Personal Life

Ada Ameh is not married and has never been; however, the actress had her daughter Aladi Godgifts when she was 14. On the 20th of October, 2020, the actress took to social media to announce the painful death of her daughter.
Net worth
Ada Ameh is reportedly worth $400,000.

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